Internationell konferens om svår astma

Är du gravid och har samtidigt svår astma? Eller är du nyfiken på vilka behandlingar som finns för svår astma? Då kanske den här konferensen är något för dig.

Free conference 21 January

This free online event will take place on 21 January 2023 at 10:30-16:30 CET. It will feature presentations, patient experiences and the opportunity to ask experts questions.

The conference will focus on

  1. Overview of severe asthma and patient experiences
  2. Current treatments
  3. Choosing the right treatment
  4. Severe asthma and pregnancy
  5. Non-pharmacological treatments
  6. Living with severe asthma
  7. Getting the most out of severe asthma care
  8. New research and treatments

Who is welcome?

The conference is aimed at people living with severe asthma and caregivers, although anyone interested in severe asthma is welcome to join.

The preliminary programme is available on the ELF event page, and we will add more details about the event to the page as they are confirmed, so please refer back to it to keep up-to-date.

Register here.

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